Eugene A. Maroszek has been nominated to the “World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame”

Eugene A. Maroszek has been nominated to the “World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame”

Eugene A. Maroszek Bio


In 1971, at the young age of 13, Eugene began taking concertina lessons, in the basement of Art Wielgus’s home in Pulaski, Wisconsin.  In December 1972, he booked his first job with his brother Michael (who played the drums), for a New Year’s Eve dance at the South Chase Tavern in South Chase.  Little did anyone know that Eugene had come home from the hospital that morning following an appendicitis attack and played his first job the same evening.

That is when the “Maroszek Bros.” were born… and as they say the rest is history! As time went on, Eugene’s brothers Frank, Alan, Scott, and Beaver (John) all joined the band.  The band has played in Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and throughout their home state of Wisconsin.  Through the Maroszek Bros., Eugene has brought polka music to weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, Oktoberfest’s, Polish Festivals and of course our hometown Pulaski Polka Days. Furthermore, the band has played for church picnics, at a Green Bay Bullfrogs Baseball game, parking lots, fairgrounds, parades, in banquet halls, and even in a funeral procession to the gravesite of their mother.

In addition to leading and playing in the Maroszek Bros., he also volunteers his concertina talent at nursing homes, the local McDonalds on Christmas Eve, Smurawa’s Country Bakery on Fat Tuesday, and recently on a bus trip to Nashville.  Wherever people love music Eugene is happy to pull out the Concertina and brighten up their day.  Polka music makes people happy and puts a smile on their faces.

Awards, Accomplishments, Achievements

In the 70’s, The Maroszek Bros recorded regularly at Danceland Ballroom, The Stop Inn Ballroom and at WBAY – TV 2, on a show called “Polka Variety”.

In May of 2019, the Maroszek Bros were awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of their efforts for promoting and performing Polka Music for over 45 years. The Maroszek Bros are the only band to have played at every Pulaski Polka Days.  Because of this, they were granted the “Pulaski Polka Days Appreciation Award” in 2014.  As a result, Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, declared, Sunday, July 20, 2014 “Maroszek Bros. Day” in recognition of their service for promoting Pulaski Polka Days and encouraging the next generation and the community to love their polish heritage and polka music.  The Maroszek Bros. have released five recordings through the years. Their latest recording, “A Maroszek Bros. Christmas’ was released on December 8, 2020.

Furthermore, in 2017, the Pulaski Historical Society featured the Maroszek Bros. and the entire Maroszek Family for three months by displaying newspaper articles, photos, recordings, and awards that demonstrated the family’s dedication to polka music, their polish heritage and the community.

Contributions in Preserving and Advancing the Chemnitzer Concertina

Eugene has been interviewed several times by our local Newspaper, TV stations, a PBS New York Documentary Team, and various radio stations, all to tell people why he loves Polka Music.  Many times, the first question they ask is, “what is that instrument (concertina) that you are playing called?”   As you can imagine, the concertina is not very “mainstream” and peaks the interest of the general public.  He uses this as an opportunity to describe the concertina and how it is played.  Eugene was honored to be asked to be his granddaughter’s “Show and Tell” for the letter “C” for her preschool class.

Eugene’s legacy will be his church, family, and impact he has had in the Pulaski Area regarding polka music.  As a result of a young 13-year-old Eugene taking concertina lessons, numerous family bands have been established:

  • The Natural Talent (TNT) a band made up of his nephews
  • Polish Sweethearts – an all-female band made up of his sister and nieces
  • Polka Horizons – a band made of Eugene’s brothers, brother-in-law, and nephew
  • Live Wire – Polka band that features some of Eugene’s nephews

Not many people know that Eugene and his wife, Janet met in Art Wielgus’s basement where she took concertina lessons after him. She had a band called “Polka Partners” with her sisters.

However, without a doubt his/their proudest accomplishment to concertina polka music is their son’s band “The New Generation”.  This band was started by sons Joe and Jeff  when they were 14 and 13 years old, respectively.  They are following in their dad’s footsteps and going places and doing things to promote polkas that Eugene never did.  Eugene and Janet’s daughter, Katie, can always be found on the dance floor or standing in front of the bands.

Eugene is also thrilled to see his grandson and two granddaughters learning to play the instruments and taking a strong interest in music.  He takes the time to play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Old Mc Donald” on his concertina so his grandchildren can sing along and bang on pots and pans with him.  He is eagerly awaiting the day to pass on the concertina to them.

Finally, playing polka Masses brings Eugene great joy.  Playing at 50+ churches every summer is a way to praise and give thanks to God for the gifts we have all been given.  By playing polka masses he hopes that people who may not think they like polka music will see it as happy, toe-tapping, and prayerful music. The Concertina is a beautiful instrument and polka music would not be the same without, the Concertina.


43rd Annual Pulaski Polka Days ~ July 15-18, 2021

43rd Annual Pulaski Polka Days ~ July 15-18, 2021

Join us for the 43rd Annual Pulaski Polka Days ~ July 15, 16, 17, & 18 in 2021

Pulaski Polka Days is an annual polka festival that lasts four days in Pulaski, Wisconsin. Pulaski Polka Days brings thousands of visitors each year from all over the world to hear some of the best polka music in the world.

Pulaski Polka Days 2020 Has Been Canceled Due To Covid-19

Pulaski Polka Days 2020 Has Been Canceled Due To Covid-19

Hello Pulaski Polka Days fans and followers, after careful consideration, we the committee have made the decision to cancel the 2020 Pulaski Polka Days event July 16-19. The safety of our many volunteers and guests that attend this event are of the utmost importance.

Should you have concerns or questions, please send an email to We will be monitoring this email and will do our best to answer questions. The committee will also reach out to any parties that may have camping reservations, pledged sponsorship, bands or any other affiliation to Pulaski Polka Days. Please allow the committee time, as we are all volunteers.

We appreciate your support through these difficult times our country has encountered. We hope to see everyone in 2021. So keep on dancing the polka!

Thank you,
The Pulaski Polka Days Inc Committee

2019 Road Construction Announcement • Parade participants & watchers

2019 Road Construction Announcement • Parade participants & watchers


••• Road Construction Announcement •••

Parade participants and parade watchers!!

There is road construction in Pulaski that will affect travel around Pulaski on Sunday July 21st. Crest Dr or Cty B is closed from the Hwy 32 roundabout west to St Augustine St. The parade detour will run coming from the South—go west on Quarry Dr to St Augustine St north to Crest Dr west to Green Valley Rd. Then cross Hwy 160 to continue north on Green Valley Rd to Deer Rd and east to Hwy 32. Reverse the route if traveling from the north starting at Deer Dr. y the John Deere dealership. There will be access to the Pulaski Community Middle school and High School from St Augustine St only.

PLEASE plan to arrive early for parade line up to ease congestion. You will be given further instructions from the parade officials once you check in. Please also be patient with the parade officials.

NOTE: the detour may begin anywhere an hour to a half hour before the 11:00 start time of the parade. Please be prepared.

Also, East Green Bay St is closed for construction. No parking will be available on this street during Polka Days.

Visitors will be able to enter into Pulaski on Hwy 32 from North and south, Hwy 160 from the west and Cty B from the east to the roundabout. Please be watching for detour signs. Please share this info with anyone traveling in the area.

Thank you very much for attending Pulaski Polka Days and for your patience as well. See you all soon

Parade Details

Sunday, July 21, 2019 – 11:00 a.m

2019 Grand Marshal’s of Bob and Jan Gracyalny and Mike Marnocha

One of the largest attractions of Polka Days is our Pulaski Polka Days parade. The parade begins at 11:00 sharp.  Parade Line-up is at the Pulaski Community Middle School and the Pulaski High School on St Augustine St.  Please be at the line-up site by 10:30 am.  The Parade travels North on St. Augustine St. and then West on Pulaski St., right down to the Pulaski Polka Grounds.  Candy and other small items can be handed out to parade goers from people WALKING along the floats.  PLEASE DO NOT THROW from moving vehicles for safety reasons.  The final day of Pulaski Polka Days is Sunday, and as an extra bonus, admission is free.
Please fill out the Pulaski Polka Days Parade Online Registration .  Parade contact is Wayne at 920-822-5456, leave a message if needed or contact Pulaski Polka Days through our Facebook page-Pulaski Polka Days.  Please keep your float/entry family friendly and tasteful for this event.